Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lyft User Guide - How To Use Ride Sharing App

It's worth noting you should read ALL the methods to save cash, because the more you read, the further you save! This is really a wonderful time to enroll since Lyft is offering a $50 totally free ride credit for new users. Using Lyft promo codes allow you to make the most of all this service offers while keeping more cash in your own wallet.
Every time a new passenger a driver referred redeems their code within an eligible city, they're going to obtain a ride credit and also the referring driver will receive a bonus. This is why Lyft is doing so well right now, they are always offering some kind of credit or discount for their users and drivers alike.
Ride sharing with a service like Lyft is generally cheaper than securing the assistance of a taxi firm, but there's a means to make it even cheaper. If you used Lyft already, make sure to check out the fantastic deals with Uber as well. 
Use this Lyft Credit Code to redeem your free ride now. The simple guide below will help you figure out how to use the app properly, but make sure to add the promo code before requesting a driver to assure you get your ride completely free.


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